5 ways to deal with your child’s Stress

Stress is very common in adults living in big cities. Reason is obviously the lifestyle here. Every day, people go through a lot of mental pressure at work-place as well as at home. Increasing competition is the main cause of stress. Every-one has ambitions, wants to be successful and have a luxurious life. In this never ending race, we lose our peace of mind and fall prey to the monster called Stress. But have we ever imagined that our kids are also not spared by this monster. Yes, kids also go through a lot of stress due to the competitive environment. Parents and teachers expect them to be good in studies, sports, drawing, sketching, craft and other extra-curricular activities. On the other side they have issues like bullying friends, peer pressure, problems at home, etc. Those small minds juggle between so many things that they’re unable to deal with. Result is obvious, they go through stress. As parents, we can definitely help them come out of this situation. Here are some ways:

  • Outdoor Sports: A football player said “A Football at my feet and I forget the world”. Indulging your kid in an outdoor sport which he likes to play will give him a great sense of creative satisfaction. Sports will also teach him various skills like, team playing, concentration, multi-tasking, mental stability, endurance and most important ‘Sportsmanship’. Sport is an activity in which your child will be involved yet and not burdened.
  • Relaxation: Indulge your child in activities that relaxes mind and body, such as yoga and meditation. It improves concentration which helps in many other activities.
  • Communicate: Do not put too many communication barriers between you and your child. Talk to them. Most importantly, listen to them. Try to understand what are their issues and challenges. They should be free to approach you whenever they need you.
  • Proper Sleep: Sleep is very important in growth of kids. We should them enough hours of sleep so that their mind and body can relax and grow at the same time. Kids who have early morning school, should be sent to bed early, so that they’re fresh and active during the day.
  • Don’t Rush: We often think that a busy life is a happy life. That’s not true for kids of young age. Their minds are growing, along with it their creativity should grow. They should have enough time to do what they like and are good at. Only rushing from school to tuitions, classes, etc will not help them grow effectively.

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