6 reasons why Sports and Physical Education is important for your child

    • Loco-motor Skills: A loco-motor skill helps the body to do physical movements effectively. Examples of physical movements include running, galloping, hopping, sliding, skipping, etc. More often these skills are used, greater is the child’s ability to fine tune the movement of each skill. For example, improving running skills will enable the child to participate in relay races and sprints. It is an important part of physical education training.

  • Object Control Skills: Object control skills require controlling implements and objects such as balls, hoops, bats and ribbons by hand, by foot or with any other part of the body. Object control requires lot of practice and concentration. This improves the movement and strength of the body. This helps in improving a physical as well as mental health of the child. Object control is an essential part of various sports coaching.
  • Physical Fitness: Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and the ability to perform various sports and physical activities. It is achieved through proper nutrition, physical exercise and sufficient rest. It is taken care of during physical education and sports coaching. Nutrition should also be taken care at home by parents.
  • Social: Social skills include self discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, handling equipments, etc. These skills have a meaningful impact on a kid’s behavior. These are taught to kids during the physical education class and during sports coaching.
  • Body Management: These skills mean controlling the body in certain situation. Depending on the exercise or movement body have adjust itself in different ways. These skills require agility, flexibility, coordination, movement. Sometimes non-motor skills play an important part too, wherein a child has to bend, twist, push, pull or stretch. Space awareness also is a critical part of various sports, which is taught in Body Management.
  • Game and Sport Skill: Different sports require different sports skills. Kids should be aware about these skills and rules, regulations and safety guidelines. Team sports inculcate team spirit and belongingness in the kids. They learn that participation is more important than winning or losing.

What is Physically Educated body?

A very simple question with a complex answer.

  • Physically educated body is the one who has learned necessary skills to perform variety of physical activities.
  • Able to demonstrate variety of motor skills
  • Understands and applies concepts and principals to the development of motor skills
  • Is physically fit and can assess, achieve and maintains physical fitness
  • Participates and practises regularly in physical activities
  • Understands risks and safety factors associated with variety of physical activities
  • Recognizes that participation in physical activities can lead to multicultural and international understanding
  • Understands that physical activity provides the opportunity for enjoyment, self expression and communication
  • Values physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle

There are various things, we have to keep in mind for overall growth of child. These are some of the building blocks for the long term health of the kids. Everyone have to work hard towards achieving any goal for life.

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