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Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches – AATC


About AATC

The AATC was formed to provide an option for students / players who want to attain highest standards in coach education. AATC presenters have over 25+ years of coaching experience and 35+ years of playing experience. AATC has been providing coach education and professional tennis knowledge to all levels for many a year.

AATC was founded with the objective of – 

  • Promoting Tennis at the grass root levels
  • Providing quality professional tennis coaching to students of all levels
  • Education and training of coaches

AATC provides quality training by experienced tennis professionals and tennis course presenters with domestic and international experience. AATC includes former Seniors World No. 1 and former Seniors World Doubles champions, amongst others. AATC has presence across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India.

For more details click on https://aatc.org.au/

STAR Tennis Academy:

STAR Tennis Academy, a joint association between The Sports Gurukul (TSG) and the Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches (AATC) was launched in 2014.

Different programs are conducted under this banner with an aim to popularize tennis with children and of course to produce quality tennis players. The various programs are:

  1. A) Star Tennis Programs:
  • AATC TENNIS MINI TENNIS – LEARN  • FUN •DEVELOPE –  An ideal program for children in the 4 to 7 age group.
  • AATC TENNIS ACTIVE – TRAIN • BOOST • ENERGIZE –  A program for people looking for playing a sport to live a healthy and active life.
  • AATC TENNIS AEROBICS – PLAY • BURN • SWEAT – A program with heart-pumping workout. Play tennis & burn 100’s of calories in a single session.
  • AATC TENNIS AEROBICS – A program catered to 10 – 18 years for helping them achieve Inter-school & College excellence. This would be the step which would then propel a layer in to professional league.
  • AATC TENNIS PRO – PROFESSIONAL • POWERFUL • INTENSE – A program exclusively designed for players aspiring to become professional champions.
  1. B) The Star Tennis Program Coaching Methodology –
  • Structured lesson plans to ensure consistent and thorough coaching.
  • Each session designed with a goal in mind (such as working on agility, power or speed for advanced students, a particular stroke or strokes for beginner groups).
  • Ongoing video analysis for each participant.
  • Individual participant assessment & bench-marking at different levels.
  • Coach to participant ratio of 1:8 to ensure individual attention to each participant.
  • State of the art coaching techniques / equipment’s to ensure participant development.

The Star Tennis Program Centers

  • Ajmera i-Land Sports Academy at Bhakti Park
  • Balkanji Bari