Obesity amongst young kids and teens is very common nowadays and one of the major causes is the growing inactive lifestylethat all of us are leading today. It has been seen in the last few years that such kind of lifestyle leads to problems, like high blood pressure, heart problems, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes which in turn leads to unhealthy life. So pick a sport, take a run, exercise but move your body and that’s the key to a healthy and fit life.

5 reasons All kids must play sports

Given a choice between playing outdoors and computer games — teenagers might most probably pick the later. Well, it gives the leisure to sit at home and loads of new and exciting games at your fingertips, it goes without saying that computer games or video games are a hit today. Jay Shah, Co-founder, The Sports Gurukul, says that the concept of gully cricket or any other outdoor game is lost today with computer and mobile games taking the limelight. But how healthy is it?
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Academics Vs Sports

We see children getting tired easily. One of the factors responsible is due to increased junk food consumption and sedentary lifestyle. Children are getting obese. Also with no real focussed system PE teachers across the country with their best intentions are not able to cater to every child in the school which further leads to aversion to importance of sports and fitness amongst majority of the school children, due to lack of attention to them. To add further over 90% of the schools do not run sports and PE like academics and do not have any structured or planned curriculum and hence the periods conducted in schools have no end goal to achieve. All these factors together are contributing to growing obesity amongst young children and a aversion to sports as children get to their teens. Read More Academics Vs Sports

The Sports Gurukul Aims At Physically-Fit Children

It is a worldwide scientifically researched and established fact that a physically fit body directly stimulates the intellect and cognitive functions of the brain in case of children it is a direct correlation to their academics. Sports is crucial to a child’s development. A sporty child would also be able to perform better at their academics.
Our body is what we use to do everything in this world and a unfit body cannot help anyone achieve their life’s full potential. An active Sports child would also easily keep diseases away and would be less prone to common sicknesses. So playing sports or being active has direct correlation not only for children but for any human being.
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