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The Sports Gurukul – Other Sports


The Sports Gurukul offers the best Basketball coaching in Mumbai. TSG Basketball can boast of highly professional and result oriented coaches who have guided many budding youngsters to the right pathway to achieve their dreams. Students of the academy have successfully and consistently found their way into National and State recognised tournament earning a lot of accolades.

An exciting sport like basketball cannot be taught without organised, structured and uniform training method. The quality program that TSG basketball offers focuses on both team and individual development with special emphasis on technique tactics and other important aspects of the game. Diet and conditioning are also an integral part of the training structure. TSG Basketball showcases the Passion and commitment to this dynamic sport that is unparalleled.


Get on a rollercoaster ride of your own with our TSG Skating program!!! The Sports Gurukul have  the best Skating coaching in Mumbai. With a lot of credit in the skating fraternity, our coaches have the right blend of creativity and coaching skills to train your child to their potential. Our coaches follow curriculum based methods of teaching which has an in-depth step-by-step approach.

All coaches have been trained under our ICP Certified Instructor. Our major focus is on giving individual attention & personalized training to every student in our academies. The response and results at various skating events and competitions has been overwhelming. TSG Skating program is a perfect example of Balance and Progress that personifies the sports itself.


Yoga is best described as ‘A Way of Life’. Yoga is known to unfold the infinite potential of human body, mind and soul. The Sports Gurukul have the best Yoga coaching  in Mumbai. Yoga has also been known to stimulate the cure for many physical, mental and emotional problems.

TSG yoga program will help you learn yoga in its purest form. Safety, Structure, Variety and authentic technique form the core of the program. Certified and experienced yoga instructors with over years of experience will guide you through the pathway of self-empowerment and development. The program has been a successful and pleasant discovery to many who have experienced improved health, day-to-day efficiency and overall quality of life.

Table Tennis

Table tennis or ‘Ping Pong’ is one of the most dynamic sport with unique features. The Sports Gurukul have the best Table Tennis coaching in Mumbai. It requires immense concentration and reflexes and demands high level of mental and physical fitness.

TSG TT program will help you learn various aspects including mental and physical conditioning through a balanced and structured program focused on the right way to play along with fun and excitement. Certified TT coaches will help you to develop and enhance your skill set with their experience and make sure you get the best out of each session.

Learn, Excel and Enjoy!!!