Life Long Fitness

TSG school program


L2F is a systematic, structured and integrated fitness program for schools with the core objective of laying such a foundation in fitness and sports amongst children which will help them throughout their life.

L2F is a synchronized effort by various national and international trainers and sports enthusiasts. It is based on Human Kinetic’s Fitness For Life program and has been customised under Human Kinetic’s guidance.

L2F’s core objective is to lay a foundation in fitness and sports amongst children which will help them not only during childhood but throughout their life. Below are the key points of our school sports training program.
TSG school-program-objective

Its other objectives include :

  • Maximise activity during physical activity sessions
  • Learn essential fitness, nutrition, and wellness concepts for an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Fight childhood obesity
  • Develop health and skill related fitness components
  • Build discipline, self confidence, leadership and decision making skills
  • Cope with peer pressure and academics
  • Meet requirements for daily and weekly physical activity
  • Ensure student success and enjoyment
  • Achieve holistic development with focus on cognitive and social skills
  • Help children understand importance of physical fitness
  • Teach children self assessment and self planning
  • Lay the foundation for Life Long Fitness


L2F is the only program designed to help students take responsibility for their own fitness and health. L2F prepares them to be physically active and healthy throughout their lives. This standards-based Program has been carefully articulated following a sound scope and sequence to enhance student learning and progress. Based on the FFL program, it has been customized and tuned to suit Indian physical education environment. It includes quality physical education and sports curriculum.